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In this video I do some live trading to show you guys the real time process of the trades I placed and closed on January 6th to make ,800 of PROFIT on my FTMO Account, The best trade is GOLD (XAUUSD).
I also give you guys a few of my best tips on how to trade Gold in the Forex Markets.

My biggest loss for the day was on EURUSD which was -1. I also show you guys what this trade looked like.

Losses are an inevitable part of trading. But having good risk management will allow you to be profitable overall.

I also will be showing you guys my Proof of Withdrawal on my FTMO Account for my Second FTMO Account which equals to ,508.86. I overall had a profit amount of 00 but due to the 70% profit split with FTMO. My withdrawal is ,508.86.

Let me know if you guys have any questions down below.

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